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KTP India strives to bring the most natural & ethical tea to your cup by working hand in hand with a group of small tea farmers from Assam. These ecologically responsible farmers produce exclusively handcrafted teas through sustainable organic farming techniques i.e., without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide or growth hormones to ensure that you get to sip the healthiest teas without interfering with nature. By choosing our tea, you will empower these farmers with enhanced livelihood opportunities and improve their living standards.

Enjoy the tea experience, while supporting these farmers who protect our planet for the next generations!!!

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KTP India

Handcrafted Organic Teas

Keep the chemicals & pesticides away from your cup.

KTP India

Think Beyond Good Teas

Improve the lives of the tea workers while you sip the healthiest tea.

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KTP India offers a handpicked selection of the freshest and the finest teas from India and Nepal. Our catalog features a wide selection of single-origin teas from over 150 tea gardens across Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, the Nilgiris, and Nepal. In addition, there is an exciting range of iced teas, flavored and non-flavored blends to choose from.

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